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Tessa Philbrick

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Born in USA, 1982

Making things for more than fifteen years.

I started in haunted houses in Salem, Mass. as a summer job before high school. Before even that first Halloween season, I was building scenes, making costumes and monsters, and doing creature makeups. My entire working career has always circled back, again and again, to that same creative foundation.


Now I'm in L.A.! I've served as department head and key makeup artist, as well as practical and special effects supervisor on a number of projects.


Take a look at the links below to see some of the completed films and trailers.


Seraph Films YouTube Page


Primordial Booze Music Video (Strong Language)


5th Street Trailer


DGK Parental Advisory Trailer (Strong Language)


Astro Turf Teaser


Boxed In Trailer


Find Me Trailer


Girl at the Door (Adult Content)

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